Sports Ministry will discuss security measures with Indonesian authorities

KEMAMAN Oct 15 — The Ministry of Youth and Sports will discuss safety and security issues with the Indonesia authorities to ensure safety of the Malaysian contingent during the SEA Games from Nov 11 to 22, in Palembang and Jakarta.

Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shaery Cheek said his ministry was ready to take along special security officers to secure the safety of the Malaysian contingent, if agreed by the Indonesian authorities.

“We are prepared to include security officers. However, if such a request is denied we will respect the decision,” he said.

He said such a situation was warranted during the New Delhi Commonwealth Games last year and the ministry had placed a number of security officers to ensure the safety of the Malaysian contingent.

Ahmad Shabery said there was a need to be proactive due to the current situation in Indonesia since a number of groups had staged demonstrations at the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta raising anti-Malaysia sentiments.

On Wednesday, a group calling itself Forum Betawi Rempug (FBR) numbering some 650 people, hurled hard objects at the guard post and perimeter lighting and also at the policemen who were on duty.

Yesterday, about 70 Laskar Merah Putih (LMP) staged a demonstration claiming Malaysia had illegally taken over more than 1,000ha of Indonesian land in northern Kalimantan.

LMP members who gathered with banners and hurled abusive slogans outside the embassy had tried to affix a flag on the gate but were prevented by police.

The issue started when Indonesian Parliament”s defence and foreign affairs commission deputy head Maj Gen (Rtd) T.B. Hasanuddin had told the local media last Saturday that Indonesia had lost 1,490ha in Camar Bulan to Malaysia and that the country”s sea boundary in Tanjung Datu waters had moved 800m in favour of Kuala Lumpur.

However, several Indonesian Cabinet ministers had rejected the lawmaker”s claim that Malaysia had “illegally taken over” more than 1,000ha of Indonesian land in northern Kalimantan.

“I believe the Indonesian government will be able to provide adequate security, not only to the Malaysian contingent but all participants in the Games. I also hope they (Indonesia) will place additional security personnel for the Malaysian contingent,” he said.


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